10 Tips for Personal Bible Study

1) Have a Reading Plan: Reading the Bible doesn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot to read, so pick a place to start. Read at least a chapter a day… remember, quality over quantity. Oh, and there’s reading plans to help! Find 2016 Reading Plans here!

2) Make Observations: Look for verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, participles, repetition, questions, commands, and other literary devices!

3) Ask Questions: Be inquisitive, curious, and even obvious with your questions. This will help you figure out what the author is saying!

4) Pay Attention To Context: What comes before your passage? What comes after? Where in the book does your passage land?

5) Remember the Genre: Different books of the Bible fall under different literary categories, such as narrative, poetry, prophecy, proverbs, parables, and letters. What category of literature are you reading?

6) Don’t Forget History: The books we are reading were written in time, space, and human history. When Paul addresses the Corinthian church in 1 and 2 Corinthians, he is writing to a real group of people who had real struggles.

7) Allow Scripture to Interpret Scripture: All 66 books of the Bible feature the same divine author. If one passage is fuzzy or difficult to understand, call to mind other passages of Scripture that may help you with the one you’re working with.

8) Stay Connected to the Big Story: Remember that the entire Bible is about God’s plan of redemption to redeem the fallen, sinful human race through Jesus. Anything in this book is bound to agree with and fit into God’s story of salvation. 

9) Apply What You Studied: There’s no point in reading the Bible if you don’t put it into practice. God may show you what you’ve done wrong, or where you’ve failed to do what’s right. Find a way to obey what you learned.

10) Pray Accordingly: The Bible is God speaking to us; prayer is when we speak to God. Depending on what you read, finish your time in prayer either adoring, thanking, confessing, or asking God for help (or all four)!

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Desiring God | www.desiringGod.org
ESV Bible | www.esvbible.org
Ligonier | www.ligonier.org
Grace to You | www.gty.org
Got Questions? | www.gotquestions.org

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